At Only 1 Auto Glass of the Twin Cities, Minnesota is the expert in automotive glass repair and replacement. It takes a professional to analyze if a crack, chip, or ding is minor enough to withstand repairs or if a full replacement is necessary. When to replace your car’s sunroof is a difficult question to answer requiring a trained pro to check the damage.


When you are unsure if your sunroof needs repairs, Only 1 Auto Glass can help you determine the right course of action and even if your insurance will cover the cost of replacement or repair.


Sunroof Glass Types

There are two primary types of glass for sunroofs. The less expensive models use a screened, dot matrix pattern that reflects about half of the sun’s heat off the reflective glass. High-end sunroofs use a solar cool reflective glass that reflects 93% of the sun’s heat. These are more expensive material from the manufacturer but considered the best kind. Only 1 Auto replaces and repairs both types of glass.


Sunroof Seals and Gasket

One of the most vital parts of a sunroof is the material used for the seals and gaskets. Most seals consist of neoprene, which deteriorates when exposed to weather. Silicone seals are considered premium and typically have 20-year lifespans. The overall duration of your seals and gaskets are significantly improved using premium materials.


Handle and Hardware

When it comes to hardware and handles, many sunroof manufacturers use less expensive plastic or aluminum material that is easily broken and weathered. Experts recommend steel or carbon fiber for the most robust and most reliable sunroof hardware. It’s often worth the investment for high-end handles on your sunroof to minimize expensive repairs.


Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Only 1 Auto Glass Repair and Replacement have a combined 150 years experience in the automotive glass industry. Our company is employee-owned, and our customers see the benefits in the way we conduct business and the quality of our work. For fast, friendly, auto glass repair and replacement at competitive prices, Only 1 Auto Glass is the company for you! Call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.