When your vehicle is found vandalized, and your windshield was broken, the automobile is not safe to drive. You firstly want to remove any large pieces of glass and call the police first and foremost. Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, Minnesota can help you navigate the process of securing your vehicle, filing a claim with your insurance agency, and temporarily fixing the glass, so the car is drivable while they work on a quick windshield replacement or repair.


What To Do First

Finding your vehicle with broken glass and vandalized is every driver’s nightmare. It’s important to stay calm, get yourself to a safe location, and call the police as soon as possible. If you find your windshield or window broken, call a professional mobile auto glass service to secure your vehicle to prevent further damage or liability. Typically you can use think transparent plastic secured with duct tape, or any other tape that will not peel the paint off.


You Have a Police Report, Now What?

Once you have a police report number, contact your insurance agency to report the incident and all damages. Take pictures of all missing/broken belongings and parts of the vehicle. Contact an expert automobile glass company to work on the start of repairs and get estimates.


Assessing the Damage

●        For broken windows contact a glass specialist

●        For other automotive damage, you may have to visit a body shop

●        Only 1 Auto Glass Repair can refer you to a network of affiliates and help you navigate your insurance claim.


Which Insurance Policy Covers the Vandalism

Most people do not know, but your auto insurance only covers damage to the vehicle. Any missing or damaged belongings need filed under a separate claim with your homeowner’s insurance.


Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

If you are a victim of auto vandalism, call Only 1 Auto Glass Repair and Replacement. We have a combined 150 years experience in the automotive glass industry and can help move your claim for broken glass along. Our company is employee-owned, and our customers see the benefits in the way we conduct business and the quality of our work.


For fast, friendly, auto glass repair and replacement at competitive prices, Only 1 Auto Glass is the company for you! Just call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.