Restoring your classic muscle car in Minneapolis takes a lot of work.  A critical area on restorations is attention to the glass.  It becomes important to find the right Minneapolis auto glass company. Old cars, whether these are classic coupes, muscle cars, trucks, or hot rods, have parts that are often difficult to find. Auto glass production for these vehicles may already be discontinued, making finding replacement glass for your muscle car rather difficult. This is where a specialist like Only 1 Auto Glass can come in handy.

Restoring a muscle car on your own is indeed a challenge, but an enjoyable one at that. Getting that old vehicle of yours looking like new and showing it off to friends and family, at car meets, and to other enthusiasts, will often give you immense pride and joy. You may have the skills, the patience and the tools to do this the right way, but when you find yourself without the right kind of auto glass for your vehicle, you will realize that you cannot always do it alone. You will need an auto glass company to help you either find perfectly matching auto glass for your classic vehicle, or source a proper aftermarket item that increases the safety from the original glass.

Only 1 Auto Glass can help you locate or customize your muscle car’s auto glass for you.We will install your glass for you and make sure that everything is properly aligned, sealed and secured to protect you and your investment.

While it may seem that most Minneapolis auto glass companies won’t help you get your muscle car restoration project done, if you don’t get your glass from them, a number of them do assist people who are sticking to a very strict budget. You can still retain their services for installation and restoration of the old auto glass you find in junk yards for you vehicle since they are also experts at getting these to look as good as new.

All you need to do is to talk with these individuals and find out what they can help you with as well as determine what kind of work you can actually give them.

Only 1 Auto Glass is your one stop solution for car restoration glass.