If you take care of rock chip repairs when they’re small, Only 1 Auto Glass can repair a rock chip in your windshield without having to replace the entire glass. If you don’t repair it immediately, the chip can lead to a crack, or worse. We’ll have no choice but to replace the windshield. This can cost more than a simple repair. We recommend that you do the following if you have rock chips in your auto glass:


Auto Glass Repair

There are some details of the chip that we can look at to determine if we can repair the glass. Here are those determining factors:


●         Is it more than six inches?

●         Do you have three chips or less?

●         Is the damage close to the edge of the windshield?

●         Is the damage in the line of the driver’s sight?

●         Is it in front of a camera or sensor?


If you answered no to these questions, Only 1 Auto Glass can repair it.  Otherwise, we will need to replace your windshield.


What to Do if You Need a Rock Chip Repair?

If you get a chip, call Only 1 Auto Glass to repair it immediately. We will tell you what we can do to keep the chip from spreading. For instance, we suggest not washing your car or touching the damaged area. Contact with the glass could cause the chip to to spread.


How is a Chip Repaired?

There a few steps that the Only 1 Auto Glass technician will perform to repair the chip. The entire repair process should take 30-60 minutes to complete.


●        Our technician will inspect the chip to make sure a repair is right to perform.

●        We will clean the area to ensure no moisture or debris is sealed into the chip.

●        We will seal the chip with a special resin material. We will then dry the resin with an ultraviolet light. It dries clear and blends with the windshield.

●        We will finally polish the affected area.


Insurance Coverage for Auto Glass Repair

If you have comprehensive insurance, your insurance provider will pay for a windshield repair without bumping your insurance rates. Check with your insurance company on the amount of coverage you’ll receive for the repair. Only 1 Auto Glass can help you process your insurance claims quickly and properly.


Windshield Repair in Maplewood, Minnesota
If you have a rock chip in your windshield, let Only 1 Auto Glass repair it for you. We offer auto glass repair and in replacement services in Maplewood, Minnesota. To schedule service with one of our technicians, call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.