The rear windshield is located opposite of the front windshield. Like the front glass, the rear glass helps the automobile hold its frame. It seals off the inside of the automobile from the outside, protecting the occupants of the vehicle. There can be three common problems that occur with your rear auto glass. First, if repair is not possible, a professional windshield replacement may be necessary. Second, the time needed for replacing the rear windshield is longer than replacing the front windshield. Last, your rear window can leak. Only 1 Auto Glass can replace your rear windshield for you.

Rear Windshield Replacement
Chips and cracks will not happen with a rear windshield. A rock, debris, or car accident can cause a rear window to shatter. The rear windshield is made of tempered glass. The tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny sand-like pieces. The design is to protect the occupants of the vehicle from large shards of glass.

Professional Replacement Details
Unlike the front windshield, the shattered glass must be vacuumed and cleaned before new rear glass can be installed. The defrost grid and some technological devices are located on the rear window. Removal and disconnection of the grid and devices are performed to remove the shattered glass. Our Only 1 Auto Glass technician will have the vacuuming, cleaning, replacement, and disconnection done quickly.

Rear Windshield Leaks
Some of the reasons for leaks are rust, antennas, and auto glass. Although it is uncommon for a rear windshield to leak, it does happen. The causes of a leak in your rear auto glass can be a poor seal or skip in urethane. If you hear air coming through your rear glass, then water can get through the glass also. Have one of Only 1 Auto Glass technicians replace your rear glass before the interior of your vehicle is damaged.

Steps to Rear Auto Glass Replacement
There a few steps to rear auto glass replacement. Here at Only 1 Auto Glass, we will perform the steps quickly and efficiently to get your family back on the road safely. Here are the steps our technician will take for this procedure.

            1. Inspect the damage.
            2. Disconnect and remove the grid and any technological devices.
            3. Vacuum and clean up the glass in and around your car.
            4. Replace rear windshield.
            5. Connect and ensure the defrost grid and technological devices are working correctly.
            6. Clean up the area.

Rear Windshield Replacement in Maplewood, Minnesota
Is your rear auto glass shattered or leaking? Only 1 Auto Glass offers services in auto glass repair and auto glass replacement in the Twin Cities area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your rear windshield replaced. You can reach us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.