No one wants to deal with a windshield replacement, but sometimes you have no choice. Once you get that new windshield installed, you want it to perform at its best. We can install that windshield for you. We can also help you care for that new windshield replacement.


I Have a New Windshield Replacement, Now What?

Here are our tips on what to do after getting a new windshield installed.


●        Inspect the Install. Closely examine your windshield replacement install. Look for gaps or bubbles in the seal around your windshield. Make sure the installation technician correctly installed your windshield gasket. Take your car for a test drive to listen for any air noise around the install.

●        Get Your Warranty Paperwork. Our technicians will provide you with a receipt and paperwork on your new windshield install when the installation is complete. We will always provide all of your warranty information on your windshield replacement. Ask questions about what the warranty covers and how to make a claim if you need repairs. Ask about what to do if you have problems with your installation.

●        Easy Does It. The first 24 hours after your windshield replacement is the most important time for the success of your installation. The auto glass windshield install is fragile during this period. Do not slam your doors and avoid harsh impacts to your car. It is a good idea to crack your windows in the doors a ¼ inch to avoid air pressure build-up in your car. By being mindful the first 24 hours you allow the windshield gasket time to seat and seal.

●        Avoid the Car Wash. Using cleaners or cleaning agents on the car during the first 3 days can damage the windshield seal. The installers will use a special tape to preserve the installation. Do not remove this tape for at least 24 hours. By avoiding the car wash, you preserve your windshield replacement.

●        Consult the Map. Chances are your damaged windshield happened because of a random rock or road debris. Do you regularly drive through an area going through a lot of construction or road work? Is that neighborhood you took a shortcut through full of debris on or near the road? Changing your route might be a good idea to avoid construction areas or neighborhoods with low hanging branches or road debris.


Caring for Your Windshield Replacement

The first 24 hours might be the most important hours after your new windshield install. By being careful with your installation, your windshield will perform just like new. Simple things like being mindful of slamming doors and avoiding the car wash will help the new seal seat. Changing the route you drive might be in order to avoid future windshield replacements and rock chip repairs.

Need a New Windshield Installed?

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