When driving by a construction site, you may end up with construction damage. Once that damage occurs we can help you with your window repair or replacement. Look to us for what that next step is following when construction just cracked your window. We are there for that “now what” moment.


Windshield Damage from Construction

When driving through road construction or following a construction vehicle, windshield damage can happen before you realize it. That moment when a rock bounces up and makes a loud “ping” noise scares all of us. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we like. We can help you through the process of what happens after construction just cracked your window.


Who is Responsible for the Repair?

It might be tempting to race after that construction truck to get their information so you can send the repair bill for your windshield to them. After all, the rock started there, fell off, and hit your windshield. It is the truck driver’s fault, right? Unfortunately, no, it is not the driver’s fault. Once that rock hits the ground, it becomes a road hazard. Who is responsible for the repair? Sadly, you are.


What About Insurance?

If you have full coverage insurance on your car, chances are you have glass coverage. This coverage falls under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance coverage. Check with your insurance company before damage happens to make sure you have this coverage. Our professionals can work with you on filing insurance claims for your rock chip repairs or windshield replacement.


Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement?

You should never ignore windshield damage. As you drive your car, hitting bumps and causing vibrations make damage to your windshield worse. Damage can weaken the windshield’s structure.


The windshield protects you as you drive down the road. You want that protection to be as strong as it can be without damage. Here are some things to look for to decide whether you need a windshield repair or a windshield replacement:


You Can Repair the Windshield if Your Rock Chip:

●        Is smaller than a quarter

●        Is not in your line of site

●        Has not created a run or larger crack

●        Has not made a hole through both layers of your windshield

You Need a Windshield Replacement When:

●        The damage is in your line of sight

●        You have an old windshield with other damage

●        The damage causes a run or crack larger than a dollar bill

●        There is a hole through both layers of your glass


Need Windshield Repair or Replacement Following Construction Damage?

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