Keeping your windshield and auto glass clean is important for your safety when you drive. Having a clear view of the road is important. Only 1 Auto Glass knows you want to keep your auto glass clean. Here is a guide to common mistakes to avoid when cleaning auto glass.


Cleaning Auto Glass

Remember these tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes when cleaning your auto glass:


●        Do Not Clean Glass When Dry. Wiping glass with a cloth when it is dry is a common mistake. What you can’t see is dust particles on the glass that will leave scratches in the  glass. Over time, scratches weaken the glass and make it vulnerable to further damage. When cleaning, use a wet cloth or glass cleaning solution.

●        Avoid Using Regular Soap. Your auto glass has a special coating on its surface. Regular soap can damage this coating. Always check your cleaners to make sure they have the correct formulation for auto glass. Use of glass cleaners will keep your glass in good shape.

●        Avoid Paper Towels and Dry Cloths. Rough surfaces on paper towels can scratch the surface of your glass, even when wet. Tissues contain lotions and can leave lint and fibers on the glass. A dry cloth can also scratch your glass. When possible, chose microfiber towels for your auto glass.

●        Use An Auto Glass Cleaner. Regular household glass cleaner does not have the right formulation for auto glass. Tint in auto glass will break down over time from the ammonia that household glass cleaners contain. Ammonia is a powerful cleaner that breaks down anything. Regular household glass cleaner also causes streaking on auto glass. Auto glass cleaners do not contain ammonia and have the right formulation to break down road grime and insect remains.

●        Fogged Windows Are Not Necessarily Dirty. Resist the urge to wipe your fogged windows. Instead, use the defroster/defogger function in your car. When you wipe fogged windows and grab the first thing you find, you often are not using the right cleaning cloth. Even using your hands can leave oils on your auto glass. You can scratch or damage your windows by using incorrect cleaning methods.


Avoid Common Cleaning Mistakes When Cleaning Auto Glass

To keep your glass performing at its best, you want to take care when cleaning your glass. By not cleaning the glass when it is dry, you can avoid scratching your auto glass. Stay away from paper products when cleaning your glass to further protect it from scratches. You can protect your tint and window coating by avoiding household soap and cleaners.


By using a cleaner specifically formulated for auto glass care, you are optimally cleaning your auto glass. Avoid touching your windows when fogged and let the defroster/defogger do its job. All these tips will help you protect your auto glass and know the common mistakes to avoid when cleaning auto glass.


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