Your auto glass protects you when you operate your vehicle from the road and its hazards. We adhere to standards of safety when we replace and repair auto glass. It is important to stay informed about safety standards in auto glass repair and replacement. By following safety standards when we repair and replace your auto glass, your safety is our priority.


Who Sets Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards?

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) formed in the 1990’s by a cooperative of glass retailers, carmakers and manufacturers. This group, with help from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), set Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS). Since 1999, the industry has agreed to follow these standards, offering you a higher level of safety. The AGSC implements these standards as a safe, dependable way to replace auto glass.


5 Purposes For Safety Standards:

The whole purpose of the AGSC providing information on standards is to provide the right steps to insure passenger safety in vehicles on US roads:


1.      Give industry businesses a standard for all auto glass replacement.

2.      Adhere to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety requirements for auto glass replacement and repair.

3.      Increase the level of professionalism in the glass replacement and repair industry while increasing the performance in customer service aspects.

4.      Provide training and education standards and objectives for the auto glass industry and the groups that provide materials to this industry.

5.      Make the public aware of safety issues as they pertain to auto glass, auto glass installation, and dangers of poor installation of auto glass.


What Are the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards?

One of the key components of the safety standards include regulating the installation process. This process has 6 critical steps:


1.      Auto glass technician training and continued education

2.      Assessing the vehicle

3.      Correct selection of glass for the individual vehicle

4.      Observance of the standards for installation of adhesive bonded glass

5.      Following standards for gasket installation

6.      Knowledge of other glass installation beyond windshields

Trained Technicians Perform Safe Installs

The most important portion of the standards includes proper training and certification of installation technicians. Our technicians are fully qualified to perform installs and repairs of auto glass. The technicians take a training course and pass a final exam. The installation technicians complete further education courses to keep their certifications current. Training topics include:


●        OEM installation of auto glass

●        AGR safety issues

●        Adhesive systems (manufacturer specific)

●        Technical specifications

●        Practice with skills they learn


Only 1 Auto Glass Follows Safety Standards

You can be sure to trust Only 1 Auto Glass to follow all the AGRSS standards. We are your source for auto glass replacement or repair needs in Maplewood, Minnesota, and the Twin Cities. For more information, give us a call at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.