Windshield chips and cracks are common in personal and commercial vehicles. The good news is we can help you file a claim with your insurance when there is damage to your windshield. In most cases, the insurance will pay for the auto glass repair without raising your insurance rates. It's good news if you have a sandblasted windshield that contains several blemishes. Below we explain what a sandblasted windshield is and what you should do if you have a damaged glass.


What is a Sandblasted Windshield?

A sandblasted windshield refers to what happens when tiny sand particles repeatedly hit your windshield. The particles are not sizable enough to cause a crack. Over a prolonged period, however, you’ll notice the tiny holes the particles are making in the glass. Although particles hitting your glass is inevitable, it is possible to protect your windshield from the particles. You can also bring your car to our windshield repair center to restore it back to like-new condition.


What is The Leading Cause of a Sandblasted Windshield?

The leading cause of rapid sandblasting is tailgating. When you follow closely behind other vehicles, sand, rocks, and dirt are projected into the air from underneath tires and hit the glass surface. The closer you are to the car in front of you, the more damage the sand and dust will do to your windshield. You should drive a safe distance behind you and the car in front of you to minimize the impact of the dust and particles.


Park Your Car in the Garage

If you get frustrated when bird droppings or tree sap land on your car, just imagine the particles or debris that can hit the windshield. Snow, rain, wind, hail hurl debris into the air. Dust can pummel the auto glass and create small pits along the surface. Parking your car in a garage or covering your vehicle will prevent sandblasting from occurring.


Why Sandblasted Windshields are Important to Fix

When the sun glares in the morning and evening, the pits in your windshield become noticeable, and your vision may be limited. Small pits can turn into larger chips and cracks. Cracks that currently exist may get worse. Regardless of the current condition of your windshield, we can remove the pits and other sandblast-related damage and fully restore your windshield back working condition.


Only 1 Glass Offers Windshield Installation

Now that you know what sandblasted windshields are, we can help you reduce or prevent the damage to your windshield. Only 1 Auto Glass provides comprehensive auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and rock chip repair for vehicle owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Our service extends to both personal and commercial vehicles. To schedule a repair or get a free estimate, contact us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.