It is not uncommon to find broken car windows covered in plastic in Minneapolis. Motorists will often do this if they do not have either the time or the money to get auto glass repair. There are several problems involved with using plastic to protect your car. Some of the risks can be dangerous. We discuss a few of these risks below.


Your Car is a Target for Theft

It doesn’t take a brilliant thief to break through a side window covered in plastic. They merely need to find a sharp object, cut the plastic, and open the door. It takes only a few seconds but could cost you your vehicle. Most owners do not adequately attach the plastic to the car. Breaking in could be as easy as pulling the plastic away.


It Won’t Stop Flying Objects

The passengers in your car are at their most vulnerable when there are no windows to stop flying or protruding objects. If a vehicle slams into the side of your car, nothing could prevent any flying metal or glass from propelling into the cabin. Your best bet is to bring your vehicle to our service center for an auto glass repair. In most cases, your insurance will cover the repair without any increases in your insurance premiums.


Plastic Won’t Stop Leaks

All it takes is one heavy rain to beat on the plastic, and the water will start leaking into the interior. Even waterproof tape will not keep out droplets in a torrential downpour. Besides, using strong adhesive can damage your car's finish or tear the seal on the frame. If your side window is destroyed, our mobile auto glass repair service can arrive on site to fix your window. It only takes a few minutes to replace the glass. We can protect your car’s interior from the rain and snow.


It’s Cold Outside

During the winter, the temperatures can be almost unbearable. The cold wind is magnified when you’re driving down the road at 60 mph. No matter how high you turn on your heat, the cold winds can cut through the plastic and keep the inside of your car freezing. You’ll also waste energy and gas cranking your heat all the way to high to compensate. Auto glass repair is more affordable than you think. Instead of wasting your time and money with plastic, we can repair your window and keep the heat inside your vehicle this winter.


Only 1 Auto Glass Has Got You Covered

We know that a broken side glass can be irritating. Therefore, our technicians can fix your broken glass on site with our mobile repair service. You can also bring your car to our service center for a windshield replacement or repair. To schedule a service, contact us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide comprehensive auto glass repair for both personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.