When you’re driving down the road, and it starts raining, you may notice a slight squeaking on the windshield. Eventually, the squeaking gets louder, and then you may see that the wiper eventually vibrates as it swipes across the glass. The question you may be asking is why are my windshield wipers squeaking? You may be even more confused when there’s plenty of rain on the windshield, but the wipers squeak anyway. Although we’ll explain below why the noise occurs, the most important thing is that you bring your car to Only 1 Auto Glass to fix the problem.


Possible Reasons for the Squeaking Windshield Wipers

Below are some possible reasons why the windshield wipers on your car are making all this racket:


●        Dirt on the Glass. If dirt accumulates on the glass, it can prevent the wipers from gliding smoothly across the surface. Piled up dirt can cause both the loud noise and can lead to chipping on the glass.

●        Poor Installation. If someone incorrectly installed the wiper blades, they could be out alignment. They should be positioned to prevent airflow between the glass and blades. If it’s not placed with pinpoint accuracy, you’ll hear a squeak every time you turn them on. The problem is easy to fix. Bring your vehicle to Only 1 Auto Glass, and we’ll align the blades to the windshield surface.

●        Wiper Blade Abuse. Wiper blades can become brittle if you use them too much or don’t use them enough. Brittle wiper blades will squeak. The best way to use wiper blades is to use the right setting according to how much rain is hitting your windshield. For instance, if it’s sprinkling outside, try using the lowest setting on the blades. By contrast, if there is a torrential pour, turn your blades to the highest setting.

●        Manufacturer Defect. It is possible that there could be a defect in your wiper blades. If the flaw is not apparent, you should consult an Only 1 Auto Glass technician. We should be able to tell if the blades are faulty.


Windshield Wiper Squeak Prevention

There are some steps you can take to prevent the windshield wipers from squeaking.


●        Clean the wipers each time you scrub your windshield. The best solution for cleaning the wipers is vinegar.

●        We can replace the refills on your windshield. We recommend replacing them two to three times per year.

●        Keep the wiper blades soft by applying rubbing alcohol on them periodically.


Only 1 Auto Glass Can Repair/Replace Your Windshield Wipers

If your windshield wipers are squeaking, bring them to Only 1 Auto Glass. We provide complete windshield wiper repair and replacement. We also specialize in auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and rock chip repair. You can depend on us for affordable rates, quality work, and fast, friendly service. To schedule a repair, contact us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.