If you’re driving down the road and bright light from the sun or a vehicle blinds you, it could be due to pitting in your windshield. Pits can cause the light to shine in your eyes for a few seconds. The bright flashes can distract you and cause to run off the road or have a collide with another driver. If you carefully look at the glass on your front window, you may discover that there are glares, specks, or tiny dents. These are all symptoms of windshield pitting.


What Causes Windshield Pitting?

When driving through Minneapolis or down a rural road in Minnesota, your windshield is vulnerable to any item flying through the air. Sand, dust, pebbles, and other types of debris can affect the windshield surface and wear it down over time. Tiny particles will not crack your windshield or cause significant damage. They can, however, create pits in the glass with prolonged exposure.


Driving at High Speeds

We see several clients every day. Many of the clients who complain about the pits in their windshields tell us that they spend a lot of time driving on the highway. Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, taxis, and highway patrols cars are more likely to have windshields filled with pits, because of the ongoing travel from day to day. Drivers who operate these vehicles often complain that they have limited visibility when driving. If you drive more than 55 mph to and from work or at long distances, then your windshield will start showing signs of pitting.


How Pitting Affects Your Driving

It only takes a few pits and the right amount of light at the right angle to cause glare and harsh light to reflect off the windshield. When a beam of light hits the glass, the beam is distorted, refracted, or magnified. In most cases, these flashes of light only last seconds. It just takes a few seconds, however, for a driver to lose sight of the road, traffic signs, or oncoming traffic. A damaged windshield endangers all passengers in the car.


Pitting Weakens the Auto Glass

A few pits in the glass will not weaken the windshield. Several pits over time can cause it to become unstable and unable to withstand even a slight impact. Weak glass is a safety issue that we need to correct immediately. If you feel that a pitted windshield is compromising your safety, we can fix the situation by replacing or repairing the window. Windshield replacement is quick, easy, and affordable. Your insurance company may even pay for the damage without raising your auto coverage rates.


We Can Repair Your Pitted Windshield

Only 1 Auto Glass can inspect your windshield to see the extent of the damage. We can either smooth out the pits and repair your windshield or replace it with a brand new windshield. You can call us at 651-789-1111 to schedule a free inspection and estimate. We service commercial and personal vehicles across the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. We can keep you and your passengers safe!