Oh Deer! Turtle Smashes Windshield and other Roadway Animal Hazards

For those of us who spend most of our time driving in and around the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area of Minnesota it's not uncommon for us to have close calls on the roadways with animals. The mornings and evening hours are particularly dangerous as deer and other animals become more active, especially in the spring and fall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there are over a million car accidents involving deer annually. These accidents have a huge human and financial toll as they are said to cause the death of some 200 drivers and passengers along with over 10,000 personal industries. These accidents cause over a billion dollars in damages to vehicles including windshield repair and in many cases auto glass replacement and windshield replacement. While deer are responsible for about 75% of fatal accidents involving animals, other animals causing crashes include horses, moose, dogs, bears, squirrels, cats and opossums. In some western states, cattle also cause some significant damage.

Recently, a Florida woman made the news when a turtle, sent into the air by another vehicle, smashed into her windshield on a busy Central Florida Interstate highway. The turtle smashed her windshield, shattering glass everywhere. Fortunately, the turtle hit near the lower part of the center of the windshield and the startled driver was able to safely pull over. Troopers were surprised to see the turtle still moving and after being deemed OK, the animal was released into nearby waters.

You would think that birds have an innate ability to avoid traffic. In spite of their flying abilities, however, it is estimated that 80 million birds lose their lives to vehicle collisions, many of them resulting in a windshield repair or replacement.

While large animals like deer can cause serious damage on their own, many car accidents occur from people swerving quickly to avoid hitting small animals like squirrels. Experts agree that if you don't have time to safely check mirrors, change lanes or slow down, it is best to absorb the collision rather than make a dramatic, potentially deadly, swerve.

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