Are you worried that your vehicle could be broken into? If you travel a lot or simply carry expensive items in your car, you might be concerned that your car is accessible. Many thieves aren't going to bother trying to pick your lock -- they'll just smash your windows. Here are a few ways you can improve the security of your car.

Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Car windows aren't just tinted to protect your interiors -- they also provide a certain level of privacy and security. Many "snatch and grabs" are done because items are seen inside of your vehicle, whether it be a purse or an expensive stereo system. If thieves cannot see within your car, this won't be a risk. Tint also has an additional advantage of making car windows harder to break, because the tint holds the glass together. Further, tint can increase the safety of your vehicle by preventing glass from breaking during an accident.

Always Roll Your Windows All the Way Up

While it may seem harmless to leave your window down a crack, it makes your window much easier to break. The traditional car window is actually very hard to break because it's meant to be able to withstand collisions and daily driving. When you keep your window slightly cracked, it gives a thief leverage that they can use to bust the window out. Thieves can also use an open window to actually jimmy your vehicle's lock, thereby opening the door without having to cause damage. If your windows go up and down independently, you should always make it a habit to check the back windows separately. 

Install a Security Window Film

Window films are installed very similar to car window tint, but instead of just tinting the window they actually reinforce and protect them. There are many safety and security window films that are designed specifically to discourage potential thieves. Though the window itself may break, the goal of the film is preventing it from shattering. The window will still be in place and the thief will often be forced to flee, as they have already attempted to break it.

Apart from the above solutions, you may also be able to increase your safety and security by keeping your most expensive items in your car trunk. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we take your safety and security seriously. Contact us today to find out more information about the ways that we can improve the security of your car. From window tint to alarm systems, we have everything you need to protect your vehicle and its contents.