Tinted auto glass requires special maintenance and repair. When tinted, windows will have a thin film across them. If damaged, this film can begin to pull away or become opaque. To keep your tint looking bright and new, you will need to maintain it properly.

Maintaining Your Tinted Auto Glass

After it has set, most tinted auto glass can be maintained virtually identically to other glass -- with a couple of exceptions. Care must be taken not to scratch the glass with any sand or debris, as the scratches will be extremely visible. Further, the glass should be cleaned with a non-ammonia based cleaner. Water and vinegar is usually fine. 

Tinted auto glass is, naturally, darker. That means that it can crack, peel, or even potentially discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. Though you always want to keep your windows up when parked, it's usually a good idea to invest some time into finding covered parking. There are also some reflective tints that may be longer lasting in areas that are often exposed to the sun. 

Repairing Tinted Auto Glass

Over time, tinted auto glass will often be affected by scratches or rough patches. Sometimes if the vehicle is damaged enough, the entire section of tint will need to be removed and replaced. But if it's a very small area, an auto glass service will be able to simply remove the area that's damaged and replace the tinted section around it. The tinted film is cut so that it fits perfectly within the area that was damaged and so that the entire area looks like new -- without the additional cost of having to replace the whole thing.

Peeling and Cracked Tint

Peeling tint can usually be repaired fairly simply. The tint itself can be gently reapplied if it isn't warped or otherwise damaged. If it is warped, the peeling tint can be removed and replaced. Cracked tint is another issue entirely. Once tint begins to crack, it generally isn't recoverable. It will have to be professionally removed and then it will be up to you whether or not you want it replaced. To avoid peeling and cracked tint, the best remedy is to keep your vehicle covered -- especially from the midday sun.

Tinted auto glass absolutely has to be repaired as soon as possible following damage. The tint will begin to peel and crack otherwise, causing more damage -- and a higher cost of repairs. Only 1 Auto Glass specializes in all types of window and windshield repair, tinted and otherwise. Contact Only 1 Auto Glass today for a quote!