Modern technology allow for windshield repairs to be conducted in many common situations that occur for every driver. It’s a bit out of the ordinary as some drivers go their entire life without ever having a damaged windshield, but common enough that you probably know somebody who has had a repair performed in the past. Outside of repairs, some cases simply require a full replacement, or at times it may make more sense to do the replacement than attempt repairs.

Extensive Windshield Damage

When there is extensive damage, be it several chips, a few small crack or a single long crack, it’s probably time to replace the windshield rather than attempt multiple repairs. Consider if there is a certain amount of damage it’s likely a sign there is a structural issue in the glass, whether there a mishap at the windshield factory or whether whatever caused the first chip caused further damage you were unaware of. For future reference, remember successful repairs are always best when the technician can address the problem immediately before more damage occurs.

Rear and Side Windows

Because the rear and side windows are often tempered rather than laminated glass like the windshield, they are designed to break into tiny pieces for safety upon impact rather than sustaining a chip, ding, or crack. This feature means side and rear windows for most cars just can’t be repaired but have to be replaced once damaged. You do have an option of discussing with the repair technician as to the availability of laminated glass replacements if it would make you feel more comfortable in the future, but the side and rear windows are tempered because it’s less expensive and they aren’t usually subjected to breaking forces under normal use.

Insurance Considerations

Your insurance company may or may not have a say in the matter, if they do they’ll generally prefer a replacement over repairs. First you have to consider if your policy even covers window repair or replacement, along with how using it may affect your monthly bill. Then you can determine whether it’s easier and financially reasonable to file a claim and have your policy cover the repairs or whether you’d prefer to just pay for them out of pocket.

Car window repairs are an efficient and sound means of keeping your vehicle safe. Typically you want to approach a repair technician as soon as you notice window damage as the quicker he gets to it the more likely it is for repairs to be an option. In some cases, you have to understand it’s more sensible to replace a damaged window than attempt a repair which will likely fail.