If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never considered what a damaged windshield might cost to either repair or replace until you actually have a broken windshield, at which point you have no idea what expense it may incur. The problem repair companies have with giving a phone estimate is each situation is different and requires an inspection in person to determine exactly what is needed to conduct the repair properly. There are a few general concepts you should consider when your windshield is in need of repair.

Types of Damage and Repair Considerations

Damaged windshields are typically either a chip, ding, or crack. Of course, this applies to typical damage from road debris or storms rather than the type of damage which occurs after a traffic accident. Chips can usually be filled in as a repair technique. Small cracks can often be repaired if caught in time, but as they spread and become larger they become exponentially more difficult to repair and eventually will get to a point at which they can’t be fixed. The best plan of action is to have repairs made as soon as you notice the need for them as that will keep the price down and provide the most efficient repair possible.

Repair Situations

Windshield Repair situations occur with light damage that has not yet spread. It’s a simple fact of life that driving by its very nature exposes your windshield to particular forces which occur at speeds of 65-70 mph. Whether a pebble is kicked up by the car in front of you or a bit of trash falls off a truck you’re following, it takes on an exaggerated force at those speeds. The same is true for a hailstorm which may be uncomfortable as a general rule but can cause real damage at highway speeds.

When a Replacement is Necessary

When the damage consists of multiple chips with or without larger cracks, the windshield eventually has to be replaced. Some situations may also be dependent on the nature of your insurance policy and whether the company prefers to conduct the repair or go ahead and have a complete replacement made. Your safety is far more valuable than any price, which again can vary according the details of your situation. A broken windshield can require a delicate touch to safely remove, and if the glass is shattered or comes out in pieces it has to be completely cleaned up to assure everybody’s safety and prevent the eyesore of trash remaining as litter.

When you windshield becomes damaged, be sure to check with a professional windshield repair technician to see about having it repaired or replaced. The safety of you and your family rides in your car and relies on your clear line of sight to remain intact.