As our vehicles become more and more technology driven, they are becoming more and more accessible to being hacked. Why should you be concerned? Well, if your technology driven car is hacked, a multiple of negative issues can results. It may allow unauthorized access or even the stoppage of your car while you are driving it. There are however, steps you can take to minimize the risks. Here are six simple steps you can take to help prevent your car from getting hacked.

1.       Purchase a lock for your On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD). Your OBD is where mechanics and even car parts stores can access your car's computer system. This also provides access to your car's data recorder. For all intents and purposes, it is the password portal that provides access to your car's info. The lock can also be valuable if your vehicle is involved in an accident and an unauthorized person tries to access your vehicle's data without your knowledge or permission. Locking up your OBD is critical in preventing high jacking of your car's “brain”.

2.       Don't plug in one of those insurance company tracking devices. Some insurance companies promise discounts if they can track your driving habits. This involves plugging-in one of their devices into your OBD. Many of these trackers have virtually no security and can help hackers attack your car's system. Just say no.

3.       Don't plug in any USBs that you are are not fully comfortable with into your car's USB port. Unknown USBs can compromise your car's computer system and create access for hackers. Some are even designed for that purpose. Be very cautious about what you plug into your car's USB port.

4.       Avoid using your electronic key fob to lock your car. This is one of the first area that hackers learned to conquer. They will sit in a parking lot and scan while people lock their cars with their wireless key fobs. Unknown to you, they now have access to your car while you are shopping or at work. It may sound contrary to why you want options on a car, but you are better served by locking your car with its inboard locking system.

5.       Keep your wireless key fob in a metal case at home. Hackers have found the ability to scan unprotected fobs not only allowing access to the vehicle's interior, but if your car has a push-button ignition, it can let them actually start and steal your vehicle. Keeping your keys in a metal box or even in tin foil will help keep it from being scanned by these hackers.

6.       Make use of a steering wheel lock. No matter what technology hackers have, they will pass by vehicles that have a physical steering wheel lock on their vehicles. This can add more security to even the most technologically advanced vehicles,

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