If you’re like most drivers, you probably don’t think much about the value and function of the windshield other than to clean it as needed. If it gets a chip, ding or crack you may decide to put off repairs as it doesn’t seem like a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately. However, nothing is further from the truth. The windshield is an integral aspect of your car’s safety and damage can only get worse. There really is no valid reason to let the repair wait until it simply has to be conducted in order to continue driving the car.

Cosmetic Appeal

The most common reason someone would opt for an immediate windshield repair is the fact they take great care to keep the car looking great. If this is the reason you decide to go ahead and let a professional fix the damage, it’s as good of a reason as any. It simply makes no sense to invest in a great car and then allow damage to build up over time making the car’s appearance less than satisfactory. It makes even less sense when you consider you’re going to have to have the repair completed eventually, so there is no reason to drive an ugly, damaged car for an extended period when you know it has to be fixed at some point.

Car Value

The value of the car may play another factor toward a decision to make immediate repairs. Even if you don’t plan to sell the car soon, it makes no sense to let what appears as minor damage to accumulate and detract from the car’s value over time. By allowing damage to build up, it can make for an expensive bill to have the car brought back to full value when the time to sell does come close.

Safety and Prevention of Worse Damage

Safety is really the main reason to have a repair conducted promptly. If a chip or crack interrupts your line of sight, it’s an issue which needs to be immediately resolved. Even if the damage doesn’t disrupt your view of the road, it might later as it becomes worse. Cracks tend to stretch and elongate over time, chips may remain stable for months and then become a larger crack. The bottom line is there isn’t a way to predict how damage is going to expand on a daily basis, but it is absolutely going to get worse over time. Not only can it make the car unmanageable to drive if it gets worse, it’s also a distraction to watch it get worse. A further consideration is it may become a more expensive repair or require a full windshield replacement if you wait too long to have it done.