Unless you happen to be the most unlucky person on the planet, you probably don’t have much experience with replacing the windows on your car. It is, however, something that comes up on occasion and it never hurts to have an idea of what the project entails beforehand. Rather than listening to second hand reports about what other people have experienced, take it from the horse’s mouth from a professional specialist in auto window repair about what is involved should you need window replacement service.

Windshield Replacement Information

Windshields are designed to take much more abuse than the bugs and bird poo you regularly have to clean them off. Windshields are laminated glass which will not break under any normal circumstance short of an actual traffic accident, in which case your windshield is of the least concern behind the safety of you, your passengers, and the other people involved in the accident.

With that said, once a windshield has a crack or ding in it, it needs to be addressed. A damaged windshield only gets worse over time. If the problem is caught soon enough, it can likely be repaired. As time passes and the damage grows, it becomes more likely that a full windshield replacement will be the only solution.

Side Window Replacement Options

Side windows are a different issue than windshields. They’re designed not to break under ordinary circumstances, and they won’t typically break. You might want to replace side windows simply to add tint to them, or perhaps on the rare occasion one does in fact get broken. Either way, the replacement needs to be conducted professionally in order to maintain the efficiency with which the car was originally designed.

Pricing and Estimates

Every window repair or replacement service is different. We are familiar with ordinary requirements to replace a window and can give an estimate, but the final price is determined by the nuances of each situation. One of our representatives will freely discuss with you in detail what the pricing entails and what your options are so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible.

Where and When You Can Have Windows Replaced

The first thing you should know is that in an emergency situation, one of our windshield experts will come service your car anytime, day or night, 24/7, 365 days per year. Of course it will be more convenient if we come to you for a scheduled appointment or if you bring the car into our shop. We understand how you can’t safely drive a car without a windshield, so we designed a system which allows us to carry the needed tools and new windshield wherever you may be, and we have the capability of replacing your windshield in a parking lot or even on the side of the road, as need be.