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Spring Cleaning Checklist Item: Car Windshield Safety

St. Paul, MN is a beautiful area of Minnesota. Driving through town on the longed for spring days is right at hand. Now that the snow has melted, it is a perfect time to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the driving that summer is sure to bring. Something to make sure to not overlook is your windshield. You want a crystal clear windshield that is structurally safe and free from damage.

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24/7 Service Is Our Commitment To You

Only 1 Auto Glass is committed to providing the best customer service that we can to our clients.

We service clients 24 hours a day. 7 days a year and will drive to the vehicle, if possible, to replace windshields or perform auto glass repairs.

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Honda Accord Windshield Replacement Value in Minneapolis

Honda Accords are some of the best cars made. Honda cars provide an exceptional value to consumers. Accords are designed to last a very long time, be simple to repair, perform very well, and be economical to own. You can notice the standard design details on Honda accords which other auto manufacturers reserve for higher end models.

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Melting Snow Windshield Replacement in Minneapolis

When it comes to windshield replacement  services, finding the right company to do the job is essential. It is also important for individuals to consider the risks they face just by driving on the road. If you live or work in Minneapolis, you may have enjoyed watching the snow melt. It feels good to watch the sun come out and the snow to slowly disappear. However, from the prospective of your car, that snow melting can lead to significant risks, including damage to your windshield.

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Latest Car Updates for Auto Glass Installation and Auto Glass Repair

In the past, when it came to getting auto glass repair or when you are thinking of going to an auto glass installation company to have your windshield replaced, you did not have that many choices when it came to the glass you are to use. You were also required to leave your vehicle behind for a few hours to a few days in order for the adhesive to cure and set properly.

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Car Window Care: Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Car’s Windows

One of the things you probably want to avoid for the longest time possible is the need to have auto glass repair done on your vehicle’s windows. In order for you to get the most out of your car’s windows, you need to take care of these too. Taking care means more than just cleaning your car windows, it also means proper care and the use of the right products, as well as procedures for cleaning.

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Storm Chaser Vehicles – Are Auto Glass Repairs on These Covered By Insurance?

Storm chasing is considered one of the most dangerous activities some Americans engage in, with people going after tornadoes to catch a closer glimpse of these forces of nature being the main activity of storm chasers. Going after these dangerous weather disturbances often requires chasers to have what are called storm chaser vehicles, and these are usually SUVs and other similar automobiles that can easily go towards or away from a developing tornado.

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How to Find an Auto Glass Minneapolis Company to Work on Your Custom Vehicle’s Glass

Restoring your classic muscle car in Minneapolis takes a lot of work.  A critical area on restorations is attention to the glass.  It becomes important to find the right Minneapolis auto glass company. Old cars, whether these are classic coupes, muscle cars, trucks, or hot rods, have parts that are often difficult to find. Auto glass production for these vehicles may already be discontinued, making finding replacement glass for your muscle car rather difficult. This is where a specialist like Only 1 Auto Glass can come in handy.

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When Not To File an Insurance Claim for Glass Repair

In Minneapolis, as with any other city in the US and in Minnesota for that matter, one of the things most people do when they find that their auto glass is in need of repair or replacement, is to contact their insurance adjuster before they try to find a Minneapolis auto glass repair company to work with.

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Hail Damaged Car Windshield – What Kind of Repair Would You Need?

Hail damage is nothing to scoff at, and at times, it is also nothing to panic about either. When your car suffers some damage from a hail storm, one of the first things you need to do is to assess the extent of what this force of nature has done to your vehicle’s windshield.You can do this yourself or you can ask the help of a Minneapolis auto glass specialist, such as Only 1 Auto Glass, to assess the damage for you. Hail stones can cause serious damage, usually with bigger ones being able to crack or break windshields. You should not discount smaller hail stones though since even pebble sized projectiles can crack and chip your windshields.

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