Bad windshield wipers are damaging your windshield's surface and creating a hazardous driving experience for you and the passengers in your car. Below, we take a closer look at how worn out wipers are damaging the glass on your windshield and why you should change the wipers, as well as bring your car in for a windshield assessment.

How Wiper Blades Damage Your Windshield

If the rubber edge is worn down on the wiper, it exposes the metal support. Since a wiper is designed to fit snug against the glass, the exposed metal will scrape across the glass when you turn on the wipers.


An occasional scrape across the glass will likely do zero damage to the surface. Since windshield wiper blades oscillate, however, the quick back-and-forth motion close against the windshield can cause the metal to dig into the glass surface.


Over prolonged periods, the constant friction can cause grooves in the glass. If you let the problem persist, a simple windshield repair will turn into a costly windshield replacement.

How Scratches Affect Your Driving

While bad wipers affect your driving ability in the rain, scratches in the glass can affect your driving ability in rain or sunshine in the following ways:


●        Windshield wiper cannot wipe away the water in the grooves.

●        It becomes increasingly difficult for the wipers to remove any rain anywhere on the windshield surface.

●        The blemishes in the windshield can blind you if the sun hits them just right. If the sun is in front of you, the chips and scrapes will make it difficult to see in front of you.

●        As the scratch gets deeper, your vision becomes more limited.

When is it Time to Replace the Windshield?

A quick inspection from our auto repair technicians will reveal what we need to do to your windshield. Much of what we need to do depends on the extent of the damage to the glass. If there are small scrapes or scratches here and there, then we can repair the windshield.


If there are deep cuts or extensive damage across the entire surface, then we’ll need to replace the whole window. Whether we replace or your repair your windshield, we can do it in a manner that is both efficient and affordable. You’ll have a brand-new windshield in no time.

Only 1 Auto Glass Offers Complete Windshield Repair

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